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Some Personal Injury, Accident & Wrongful Death Case Results


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  • $200k SETTLEMENT – Automobile Accident for soft tissue injuries
  • $230k Verdict for an Car Accident Shoulder injury
  • $2.1 MILLION DOLLAR settlement for Nurse Malpractice involving child’s finger(s) loss
  • $3,500,000 – RECORD Will County SETTLEMENT – Joliet asphalt maker to pay widow more than $3 million
  • $12 Million Settlement in class action consumer fraud lawsuit involving unsafe products for children
  • $1.1 Million Settlement – Wrongful Death Lawsuit for infant death. In 1996 a Joliet infant died while in a crib manufactured nationally – in April of 1997 over 600,000 of these cribs were recalled by the United State’s Government. A substantial   recovery was made for the parents, and a promise to protect other children was kept.
  • Civil Rights Lawsuit filed for a man shot by the Joliet Police Department

Some Criminal Defense Law Case Results

Sushi Ya Meat Cleaver Attack Resolved With Plea – you can read more HERE


Murder To Misdemeanor: Joliet Teen Freed After Year In Jail – you can learn more HERE!

Off-duty female cop, 35, is charged with DUI after she failed to slow down at an accident scene and slammed into the side of a truck, killing her male cop passenger.



Erin Zilka was a six-year veteran of the Joliet Police Department (pictured). Jeff Tomczak, defending the accused, disputed that his client was intoxicated and said she was ‘totally devastated’ by the events.


Attorney Jeff Tomczak as seen in the Chicago Tribune (CLICK HERE)

Tomczak said Zilka and Schauer were friends and said he did not know where they were traveling at the time of the crash. “She’s totally devastated,” he said. “I can’t express how distraught she is … just devastated totally.”


Attorney Jeff Tomczak as seen in WGN9 (CLICK HERE)

Zilka’s attorney Jeffrey Tomczak said Monday that her blood alcohol content was under the legal limit, according to blood tests that were taken within an hour of the crash.



Attorney Jeff Tomczak as seen in the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES (CLICK HERE)

Zilka’s attorney, Jeff Tomczak, said her blood-alcohol test came up under the legal limit but declined to specify the number. He said Zilka was friends with Schauer and was in “a really bad way.” “She’s absolutely devastated to a degree I can’t express verbally,” Tomczak said.

Joliet Police Officer Freed


“We anticipate vigorously defending any allegations against my client in this matter,” Tomczak said of Busse. Read the full article HERE!

Triple Murder Charges Dismissed


“The bottom line I want everyone to know is that Eric Raya, at no point in time, was responsible for the deaths of the three victims,” remarked downtown Joliet criminal lawyer Jeff Tomczak of The Tomczak Group. Read the full article HERE!

Parole Party Murder: Minooka Man Gets Probation For Killing


This past April, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office worked out a plea with Hess, who was represented by downtown Joliet criminal attorneys Ed Masters and Jeff Tomczak of The Tomczak Law Group. Read the full article HERE!