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The law is equal for everybody. If children commit a crime, they face legal punishment as well, although the punishments and penalties given to juveniles are different from the sentence given to adults. However, cases of juvenile crimes need to be handled very delicately and sensitively because childhood is a very impressionable age. The experiences that children go through during childhood shape their adult life.

This is the reason why you need a highly experienced and skilled attorney to defend your child in the event that he or she is charged with a criminal offense. Attorneys at The Tomczak Law Group are highly experienced in handling juvenile crimes and ensure that your child does not suffer undesirable consequences for the rest of his or her life.

Why is juvenile law different from others? 

Juvenile law is a unique category of law because children and teenagers do not have a strong understanding of right and wrong. They can be easily swayed and their decision making abilities can be muddled by adults or peers. Their conduct also depends on their company.  In several cases, juveniles commit crimes without understanding the true repercussions of their actions. In other words, they might not commit a crime with intent to cause harm. In our experience with juvenile crimes, we have seen that in many cases, teenagers are arrested simply because they are present with the wrong people at the wrong time.  When your child is charged with a crime, the first thing you need to do is hire a lawyer from our firm. Instruct your child to remain silent until an attorney from our firm reaches you.

What punishments could a juvenile face?

The good thing is that juvenile law focuses more on rehabilitating the accused instead of punishing them, so that children come back on the right path of life. Depending on how serious the crime is, your child might face sentences such as fines, restitution, out-of-home placement, probation, confinement to juvenile detention centers, community service or commitment to the Division of Youth Corrections.

At The Tomczak Law Group, our understanding of the juvenile crimes and the corresponding law enables us to prepare a strong defense to get the charges against your child dropped, especially if your child is a first time offender. For multiple-time offenders, we try and get your child off with a simple penalty or a complete acquittal depending on the crime. We can also get the crime record expunged so that it does not show on your child’s record.

In juvenile crime cases, parents also may face some degree of penalty such as community service, temporary loss of child’s custody, service to victim, attending parental responsibility program, and others. Attorneys at The Tomczak Law Group will help you in these matters as well, and get you the least possible penalty under the law.

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Lawyers at The Tomczak Law Group give you the best defense possible in defending juvenile crime cases. Throughout our years of service, we have helped numerous people involved in juvenile crime cases. Call us immediately if you are arrested for involvement in a juvenile crime.

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