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Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Each year thousands of people suffer serious injuries making them incapable of working, earning a living and performing daily tasks due to injuries caused from motor vehicle accidents. At The Tomczak Law Group, we fight on behalf of the victims and ensure that justice is pursued.

How is compensation amount decided? 

When you are a victim of a motor accident, be it as a motorist or a pedestrian, you are eligible to receive compensation from all the parties responsible for your injury.

You can demand compensation for the following damages:

Medical expenses involved in treating physical injuries, including medicines, hospitalization and diagnostics expenses

Loss of income from the time of accident

Future loss of income caused due to long term repercussions of physical and mental trauma

Deterioration in the quality of life and loss of amenities of life due to the accident

Emotional or psychological trauma resulting from the accident

In addition to the damages listed above, there are several other factors for which you can receive compensation. For example, if your spouse separates from you because of the physical injuries or mental trauma you suffer from after the accident, you can include this damage in the compensation amount. Quantifying the losses you suffer in monetary terms is very difficult. Additionally, more than one party can be held responsible for an accident or injury. Identifying these parties requires experience and a thorough understanding of the law. The Tomczak Law Group can ensure that you get maximum compensation from all the responsible parties.

Every motor vehicle accident case is unique. In order to deal with these cases, you need a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling these matters so that you can obtain maximum compensation. At The Tomczak Law Group, you can hire such attorneys.

We help people and families with these motor vehicle accidents: 

  • Truck, Motorcycle and Car Accidents
  • Fatal Car, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents
  • Drunk Driver Accidents
  • Highway, Road & Traffic Injuries / Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Head Injuries
  • Back & Spinal Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Railroad Accidents
  • Work Related Motor Vehicle Accidents & Injuries

Why Choose The Tomczak Law Group? 

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys
  • Skilled negotiators and litigators with the insurance companies
  • Regular communication and updates with our clients
  • Fees based on a percentage of compensation obtained; no hourly or retention fee
  • No FEE until you WIN, and no settlement until YOU are SATISFIED!
  • Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Reputation ~ Trust

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