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Mattress, Stroller Recalled

Baby products made by Indiana company

A brand of mattress blamed in the death of an 11-month-old Joliet boy last year was recalled Wednesday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the manufacturer. A type of tandem stroller that has collapsed and caused serious injuries also was recalled. Both products were made by Cosco Inc. of Columbus, Ind., which is offering consumers a $25 check to replace the mattress and a free repair kit for the stroller.

About 60,000 mattresses sold with Cosco model “M” tubular metal cribs were recalled. They were built between July, 1994, and September, 1997.

When a baby stands in the crib, the edges of the mattress can collapse between bars on the crib platform and the baby can be trapped between the bars. Twelve children have been trapped, including Jamie Ross of Joliet, who suffocated July 18 when his head was trapped.

Jeff Tomczak, a lawyer who represents Ross’ parents, Shauna and Michael, in a lawsuit against Cosco, said his clients were happy about the recall.

The “M” is the third character in the model number, which is stamped with the manufacturing date on a label on the bottom of the crib’s end panel. The cribs, which cost up to $150, come in a variety of colors, and “Cosco” is written on the cribs’ labels and on the mattress tags.

Consumers should stop using the mattresses immediately or place a board, measuring 51 5/8 inches by 27 1/4 inches, under the mattress.

The model “M” cribs were among several Cosco cribs that were recalled in 1997 because people were assembling them incorrectly.

About 57,000 Geoby Two Ways tandem strollers also were recalled. Plastic locks on the folding mechanisms can break, causing the strollers to collapse.

Cosco has received about 3,000 complaints about the locks failing, including 250 reports of strollers suddenly collapsing. More than 200 injuries were reported, including head injuries as babies fell to the ground, a fractured forearm, finger and arm lacerations, and various bumps and bruises.

The strollers being recalled are models 01-644, which cost about $110, and 01-645, which includes a car seat and costs about $170. They were made between February, 1997, and February, 1998.

“Cosco by Geoby” is written on the plastic side lock covers, and “Two Ways” is embroidered on the front seat’s support.

The model number and manufacture date are stamped on a label on the back leg frame, just above the wheel. The four-digit manufacture date on the label represents the week and year the stroller was built, and the recall applies to those made between 0697 and 0698.

Owners of the strollers should stop using them immediately. The free repair kit contains two secondary locking pins that will prevent the strollers from collapsing.

To obtain the repair kit for the stroller or the $25 check to buy a new mattress, contact Cosco at (800) 221-6736 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The company will help consumers identify whether their strollers or mattresses are subject to the recall.