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Moustis not arraigned yet

A grand jury failed to indict Matthew Moustis on Wednesday after hearing testimony from both sides in the aggravated battery case.

The case will be in court Friday, but because the grand jury did not indict Moustis, it is expected the charge against him will be dropped.

Moustis, 18 of Frankfort, was arrested in July after Brandon Lauer, 19 of Mokena, was stabbed in the chest and the neck and found in a parking lot at Indian Trail School on Frankfort Square Road. Lauer told police Moustis had stabbed him. The two had been arguing over a 16-year-old Frankfort girl, who Lauer said was present when the stabbing occurred.

Matthew Moustis told police he argued with Lauer in the parking lot and accused him of stalking the girl, but that he did not stab him and was not present when the stabbing occurred. The girl involved in the fracas corroborated Matthew Moustis’ statements.

The case was handled by Charles Colburn, a special prosecutor from the State Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Springfield, because Matthew Moustis is the son of Will County Board Chairman Jim Moustis. A special prosecutor is called in when there could be conflicts of interest.

Colburn would only say Wednesday that the grand jury met and deliberated, but he would not say what action was taken.

Eric Lauer, Brandon Lauer’s father, told The Herald-News that the grand jury did not indict Matthew Moustis.

Eric Lauer was upset with the decision.

“Will County (sheriff’s police) and state police didn’t do a good investigation,” he said.

Witnesses weren’t interviewed, statements posted on Facebook weren’t collected and information was covered up, Eric Lauer said.

“I know because of who his dad is, it was covered up,” he said.

Lauer said he was also upset that Colburn brought up during the proceedings that Brandon had scars from cutting himself when he was younger.

“The prosecutor, who I feel was working for us, brought it up,” Lauer said.

Lauer said his son used a paper clip to scratch his arm when he was 13 because he was upset his parents were going through a divorce. He said his son no longer cuts himself and that the scars have been covered with a tattoo.

Lauer said he is considering filing a civil suit against the county.

Neither Jim Moustis nor Matthew Moustis’ attorney, Jeff Tomczak, could be reached for comment Wednesday after the grand jury proceedings, which are held in secret.